Sign up for the webinar held by Ethan Faghani on the 20th of April

SMTF or Svenskt Marintekniskt Forum is an organization that helps strengthen Swedish companies and help the Swedish maritime both nationally and internationally.

On the 20th of April at 9-9.30 am our CEO and co-founder Ethan Faghani will hold a webinar about how AI can help accelerate sustainability in the marine commercial sector. This will be an interesting presentation where he will talk about the journey toward electrification and fuel optimization. This is a great opportunity to get some further insight into how AI can impact sustainability. The webinar is free of charge and can easily be seen by link via Teams.

You can sign up for the presentation here: sign up for webinar

Link to previous presentations

During NorShipping Ethan Faghani held a presentation where the big question was “Do we really need all the energy we consume”. If you missed the talk or want to watch it again, feel free to contact us and we can send you the link to the video.

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