Traditional values and a lack of transparancy make it harder for certain groups to enter the marine sector. This is something we at Cetasol want to change. With our AI-platform iHelm, we want to help captains optimize their operation, using actual live data. The transparancy from data can level the playing field between new and established crew members.

”This was not something we had considered when we first started out with the iHelm platform. We were more focused on energy efficiency and sustainaibility. But we soon realized that the transparancy made possible by our system, could have positive side effects as well. It could benefit certain groups that are currently in the minority in the marine commercial sector. The transparancy from data could help them get established in the marine sector faster,” says Ethan Faghani, co-founder and CEO of Cetasol.

Transparancy can level the playing field and speed up training

“We have seen the potential of saving up to 35% of fuel on diesel drivelines, which of course means large economic and environmental savings,” adds Lina Bodestad, user insights psychologist at Cetasol. “But the economic and environmental benefits are not the whole story. With numbers and data, it becomes easier to make arguments for new and improved ways of doing things. Suddenly you can challenge statements like “this is how we’ve always done it.” We can start shifting the power balance between those who have been in the sector for a long time, and those who are new. We believe that this build steadier trust between colleagues, when everyone makes decisions based on the same transparent data.”

Another possible benefit is that the training time of new crew can be reduced. An AI-powered system can promote optimal ways of operation, to new and experienced captains alike. This could shave months, or even years, off of current training efforts. In a future of increased demands and global competition, this could be very advantageous in term of hiring and retaining staff.

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