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Our comprehensive services encompass data-based analysis and evaluation, offering consultancy that empowers your maritime operations.

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Evaluation of energy solutions

Harness the power of data-driven decision-making with our in-depth evaluation of alternative energy solutions. We analyze operational data and simulate your final solution within the context of your operations. Our consultancy services extend to advising on the degree of hybridization, CO2 tradeoffs, and ROI calculations to ensure your energy solutions align with both your operational and sustainability goals.

Motion Analysis of the Vessel

Optimize vessel performance with our motion analysis services. Gain insights into the dynamics of your vessel’s motion to enhance stability, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Development of Digital Twin

We create precise digital twins of your vessel, opening doors to various applications such as software in loop, model in loop, and hardware in loop. Unlock new possibilities for simulation, testing, and development.

Scenario Analysis

Navigate confidently through complex scenarios with our scenario analysis services. Our advanced modeling techniques allow us to calculate scenarios that may not exist yet based on the vessel’s model. This foresight enables you to make proactive decisions in response to potential future challenges.

Route Planning

Efficiently plan routes within predefined areas or free zones. Our route planning services include comprehensive weather analysis, ensuring that your chosen routes are not only fuel-efficient but also consider weather conditions for a safer journey.

High Accuracy Fuel Calculations

Precision matters. Our high-accuracy fuel calculations ensure that you have reliable data for effective fuel management, helping you make informed decisions to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

Digital Twin of Mass Flow Meters

For recalibration purposes, we offer digital twins of mass flow meters. Ensure the accuracy of your measurements and maintain optimal performance with our recalibration services.

Trim Optimization

Maximize fuel efficiency with our trim optimization services. Fine-tune your vessel’s trim for the best possible fuel consumption and performance.

Hull Cleaning Calculations

Improve fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact with our hull cleaning calculations. We analyze data to recommend the most effective cleaning strategies for your vessel.