We have been at Seawork
– and here are what we take with us from the exhibition

From June 13th to the 15th was the annual Seawork exhibition. Cetasol was one of the exhibitors and we had created a booth which we were very proud of.

Our goal at Seawork was to be able to showcase our latest features and to see what the UK maritime segment had to offer. At the exhibition, we met many interesting people, all from potential customers to potential partners.

If you haven´t been to the Seawork exhibition before but are thinking of going there next year, we recommend it. The exhibition consists of one big tent where many booths and stands are located, but many stands can also be found outside and of course, there is the beautiful doc with vessels of all different sizes and segments.

It was our first time exhibiting at Seawork, but it will not be our last. The size of Seawork makes it possible to have meaningful conversations with people while making many new connections.

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