We have created a list of 5 effective ways of saving fuel for your day-to-day operation. This is a good list to take a look at if you want to minimize CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Number 1:
Plan your operation ahead of time: In most cases that we observe, we can see that the most significant fuel increase is due to a late start of the operation.

Number 2:
Balance weight distribution: Monitor your trim, and think of the inclination of your boat before starting your operation.

Number 3:
Avoid any transients and swift actions: similar to eco-driving in a car we need to think the same way for vessels. The ramp-up and ramp-down should be smooth.

Number 4:
Monitor your electrical consumption: AC, lighting and similar can have a significant effect on your energy consumption and as a result the CO2 emissions.

Number 5:
Use an energy optimizer: The use of an energy optimization tool can help you to save a significant amount of fuel. Cetasol is offering the iHelm which comes appreciated by our customers and can help you save even more fuel when optimizing your operation.

We hope that these tips can be of use for you and your operation! If you are already acting on some of these tips, then that is great! Maybe you can make yourself a challenge and act on all of the tips we have listed. And if you are already acting on all of these tips, even better! Then you are doing a good job to reduce the CO2 emissions in our nature.

We truly believe sustainability should be a simple choice, and we want to do what we can to ensure that it is.

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