Projects that help us grow.

Projects that help us grow.

We are constantly working with customers, agencies, and partners toward new innovations, improvements, and research projects to reach
sustainability in the marine sector.

Projects supported by

Vinnova, Sweden´s Innovation Agency is the sponsor to some of Cetasol´s projects.
Cetasol have several projects that are sponsored by the Swedish Energy Agency.

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Intelligent Helm

In this project we are working towards development of Cetasol’s Intelligent Helm (iHelm) for marine sustainability.

Verification and validation of iHelm for electric and hybrid

This project is for the development, validation, and verification
of iHelm for electric and hybrid vessels.

Business evaluation for non-repeatable marine operations

In this project, we focus on marine commercial vessels in less repeatable operations, e.g.. pilot boats, CTVs, taxi boats, etc.

Evaluation of the electrification of vessels in Sweden

This project will act as a feasibility study for a larger-scale project where we will be targeting 2200 vessels in Sweden.

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