Cetasol Announces Partnership with SARj AB

Pressrelease 2022-09-14

Cetasol AB and SARj AB, two Swedish companies renowned for their sustainability focus, are announcing their partnership. Throughout the partnership, SARj will act as an agent for Cetasol and Cetasol will have the opportunity to leverage SARj’s expertise in the marine industry.

Cetasol develops intelligent solutions for marine sustainability. The digital analytical platform iHelm (Intelligent Helm) developed by Cetasol, helps small and medium-sized commercial vessels to optimize their energy consumption and reduce their CO2 emissions. Using artificial intelligence technology to analyze operations, iHelm acts as the brain of the system, providing actionable insights to captains and business owners alike. This allows captains to improve their operations with guidelines on maneuvering. Business owners have information on different KPIs e.g. over-fueled areas along the route.

“When SARj got in contact with Cetasol we saw the greatness with the system and functions. We strongly believe this will support our customers in the transition towards a more sustainable future and it goes hand in hand with our beliefs. The system is also a great and easy installed tool before a drivetrain update towards hybrid- or fully electrical vessel(s), the benefit to know the power absorption and decrease it, will support the finance situation as well as the environment in a positive way.” Andreas Cederqvist, Co-founder from SARj.

With many years of experience in the maritime and energy field, SARj is a specialist distributor with a focus on sales, service, and cooperation. SARj follows a vision that aims to move the industry in a more sustainable direction and therefore collaboration with Cetasol will be an important step in the industry towards marine sustainability. Known for its expertise in its field and strong connections within the industry, SARj will work as an expanded part of Cetasol throughout the partnership.

“Sustainability is an important topic in marine market and partnership, with local experts, is an essential part of this journey toward a sustainable future. We are happy to announce this partnership, and this will be one step forward to expand our market in Sweden. ” says Ethan Faghani, CEO and founding partner at Cetasol.

About Cetasol:

Cetasol is a Swedish start-up company that produces intelligent solutions for marine sustainability and fuel efficiency. To advance the sustainability agenda in the maritime industry, Cetasol provides data-driven software and energy optimization solutions. Cetasol follows a vision that believes sustainability should be a simple choice in both technology and business. Read more about Cetasol

About SARj:

With more than 12 years of experience in the maritime industry, SARj is a family-owned company that collaborates with executives offering premium products. SARj aims to move the market in a more sustainable direction. Read more about SARj

For more information please contact:

Ethan Faghani
Founder and CEO, Cetasol
Phone: +46 073 920 0379
Email: ethan.faghani@cetasol.com

Andreas Cederqvist
Försäljning / Sales, SARj
Phone: +46-70 566 89 89
Email: Andreas.cederqvist@sarj.se