Cetasol announces partnership with the Norwegian marine consultants Maritime Management AS.

Cetasol and Maritime Management AS have started a partnership to support the move of iHelm to the Norwegian market. In the partnership, Maritime Management AS will act as an agent for Cetasol. Cetasol will have the opportunity to leverage the long experience Maritime Management has in the industry.

Cetasol develops intelligent solutions for sustainability in the marine segment. The digital analytical platform iHelm (intelligent helm) developed by Cetasol, helps vessel optimize their energy consumption and reduce their CO2 emissions. With the help of artificial intelligence, iHelm analyzes the operation and acts as the brain of the system. iHelm provides actionable insights for both the captain and the business owner. The insights will provide the captains with directional support to improve operations for the reduction of energy consumption. Business owners will have access to KPIs and reports via a cloud solution.

”Maritime Management AS” endures long experience as ship managers and marine consultancy in general, and recognizes great potential for the iHelm product in the Norwegian market. We see a potential for the product as support tool for both crew and administrations, in times with increasing focus on fuel consumption and environmental footprint.”

Bård Thingstad, CEO and Partner of Maritime Management AS

With long experience in the marine segment, Maritime Management has an established role in the industry. Founded in 1993 in Norway, Maritime Management AS offers services in technical, crew -and quality management. With a complete range of integrated maritime services, Maritime Management offers ship management services as well as related software products. With the combination of traditional maritime skills and cutting-edge technology, Maritime Management is a leader in third-party ship management.

”Norway has a long maritime history, advanced technology and in forefront of sustainability movement. For us it is essential to establish our presence through partnership with well-established companies in Norway. We are looking forward to work closely with Maritime Management AS”

Ethan Faghani, CEO and Founding Partner of Cetasol

About Cetasol:

Cetasol is a Swedish start-up company that produces intelligent solutions for marine sustainability and fuel efficiency. To advance the sustainability agenda in the maritime industry, Cetasol provides data-driven software and energy optimization solutions. Cetasol follows a vision that believes sustainability should be a simple choice in both technology and business.

About Maritime Management AS:

Maritime Management AS offers services in crew-, technical- and commercial management. The company operates in Norway and provides a complete spectrum of ship management services and integrated maritime services.


Ethan Faghani, CEO and Founding Partner of Cetasol
Email: ethan.faghani@cetasol.com

Bård Thingstad, CEO and Partner of Maritime Management AS
Email: bht@marman.no

Phone: +47 41 47 58 98