In the world of maritime business, the question of data ownership often sails under the radar. Yet, it’s a critical issue that can significantly impact operational efficiency and innovation.

The Data Ownership Dilemma

Many maritime operators find themselves in a situation where the data generated by their operations isn’t actually theirs. It often belongs to various suppliers, leaving operators in the dark about their own information.

The Importance of Data Control

In an industry where every decision can have repercussions owning the operational data becomes important. It’s not just about having access to data; it’s about owning it. This ownership allows for better decision-making, streamlined operations, and a clearer path towards digitalization.

The Commercial Marine Analogy

For those new to the maritime market, consider this: building a maritime operation is like constructing a sports car from various parts. You have the body, the engine, the electronics – all from different suppliers. Now, imagine racing this car without understanding its performance metrics. That’s the challenge many maritime operators face.

The Synched Qualified Solution

At Cetasol, we propose a concept called “Synched Qualified.” This approach involves ensuring all components of your maritime operation adhere to certain standards – dedicated ports, standard protocols, quality data samples, and more. It’s about creating a cohesive system where data flows seamlessly and meaningfully.

Starting with a Workshop

The journey to data ownership begins with understanding what data is critical for your operations. This involves a cross-departmental effort to identify and prioritize data needs. Following the 80-20 rule, we focus on the 20% of signals that provide 80% of the value.

Addressing Technical Debt

Technical debt – the gap between what you have and what you need – is a reality in many maritime operations. Addressing this gap is crucial in aligning your operations with your data needs.

Building a Data-Driven Culture

Digitalization is more than a project; it’s a cultural shift. It requires buy-in from the entire team, not just the management. A data-driven operation is a continuous practice, evolving with the business.


The sea of maritime operations is vast and deep. Navigating it requires not just robust ships and skilled crew but also the right data at your fingertips. At Cetasol, we’re committed to helping maritime operators claim ownership of their data, steering them toward a future where data isn’t just seen but owned, understood, and effectively utilized.

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