iHelm installed on a vessel of the fleet of Norled in Norway

In an exciting leap towards sustainable maritime operations, Norled AS, one of Norway’s largest ferry and fast-boat companies, has installed the Cetasol’s iHelm solution on one of its vessels, MF FOLDØY. This installation can further support Norled in their innovation, sustainability, and the pursuit of the best possible travel experiences for its passengers.

Norled’s Vision for Sustainable Travel

With a fleet of 80 vessels, Norled AS invests in new vessel types and environmentally friendly technology to make the maritime industry more sustainable.

Norled’s vision revolves around delivering unparalleled travel experiences through innovative and sustainable solutions, all the while fostering a sense of pride among its dedicated employees. The iHelm installation on MF FOLDØY represents a significant stride towards achieving these objectives.

iHelm: Empowering Sustainable Maritime Practices

iHelm is a dynamic solution that pushes the boundaries of conventional maritime operations. This AI-based technology not only supports emissions reduction but also offers comprehensive insights that can provide Norled with actions for a more sustainable operation.

At its core, iHelm is designed to optimize fuel consumption and financial efficiency. The captain of MF FOLDØY gains access to real-time recommendations on speed control and directional guidance. These recommendations are tailored based on historical driving patterns and external factors, ensuring a seamless balance between operational efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Holistic Benefits for Norled’s Operations

iHelm extends its benefits beyond the captain’s cabin. Business owners and managers receive invaluable data through a cloud application, both in real-time and covering the last 24 hours. This data-driven approach empowers decision-makers to make informed choices that drive a more sustainable operation. With a comprehensive understanding of fleet operations, Norled can fine-tune its strategies, reduce its ecological footprint, and contribute to a cleaner maritime environment.

Technical managers can also benefit from iHelm’s installation. They gain access to real-time status updates on engines and other critical systems, streamlining maintenance efforts and enhancing overall operational efficiency. This proactive approach can lead to minimized downtime, increased safety, and prolonged vessel lifespans.

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