In March 2022, Cetasol moved into new offices to house the fast-growing company. The office is located in the up-and-coming neighborhood Gårda in Gothenburg.

Since its foundation in the summer of 2021, Cetasol has been growing rapidly. With more employees and a larger team, we needed a proper office,” explains CEO Ethan Faghani. “And the up-and-coming neighborhood Gårda was the perfect location. It’s a central yet tranquil location.”

Historically, a large farm estate called Stora Gårda was located here. Later, it became a hub for factories and industries in Gothenburg. Today, new modern building complexes are rapidly being erected in Gårda, changing the profile of the neighborhood from industrial to modern.

Want to visit? Åvägen 17C in Gårda is just a few blocks from the Gothenburg central station. The tram stop Ullevi Södra is closest.

Find the Cetasol office on Google Maps here.