Optimizing Fleet Oversight: Introducing iHelm’s Automated Logbook

Efficiently monitoring your fleet’s performance is pivotal in maritime operations. With the iHelm logbook, gain a comprehensive overview of your vessel’s operational trips effortlessly. Seamlessly integrating data from previous journeys, this automated feature displays insights for crew and managers alike.

A Visual Insight into Trips

Visualize your fleet’s journeys like never before. The iHelm logbook presents a clear map overview alongside detailed dates, locations, and crucial consumption data. This holistic view enables a deeper understanding of each trip’s nuances, fostering informed decision-making.

Personalized Tagging for Precision

Empower your crew and managers with personalized tagging capabilities. Tailor each trip by adding personalized value tags, whether it’s about load, gray water, or other custom markers. These tags, easily created and managed through the Cloud Dashboard, provide a nuanced layer of information, enhancing the depth of insights per journey.

Simplifying Operations with Unified Access

Unify your fleet’s logbooks effortlessly. By leveraging the iHelm platform, consolidate all trip-related information into one centralized location. Eliminate the need for separate logbooks and streamline operations with a comprehensive and integrated solution.

The iHelm logbook isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic asset, optimizing fleet oversight and streamlining operational efficiency.

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