10% savings in only eight months

Eight months ago, in June 2022, iHelm was installed on M/S Cinderella ll. M/S Cinderella ll is a fast and comfortable vessel with a flexible timetable and is operated by Stromma.

Stromma is a company with many vessels in its fleet. The company has a business idea of delivering and producing experiences, activities, and pleasures. Strommas vessels operate in parts of Northern Europe. The company has an aspiration of delivering sustainable tourism with an enjoyable experience onboard. Stromma accounts for sustainability to be present in all parts of the operation as a result. The company has aim to be the frontrunner in the tourism industry in prioritizing sustainability. Stromma has based its sustainability goals on the UN’s global goals. They also adjust the operation based on the country where they are situated.

M/S Cinderella ll is an entertainment boat with a crew that will work to make the experience a success. The vessel travels in the archipelago of Stockholm, and with dinner from Swedish cuisine and local produce, the event will be an enjoyable experience.

Timetable with flexible setting requires more from iHelm

Cinderella ll follows a timetable following a flexible setting. Generally, they operate between two main destinations but also allow to dock at destinations in between if passengers want to go there. This flexibility requires iHelm to be adaptive to different stops ahead and swiftly update if one destination is skipped, for example. Cinderella ll also combines its normal routes with a charter setting. The charter setting means that customers can rent it and go to different places around Stockholm. The charter option leads to the need for iHelm to have a setting that allows them to travel in a wider spectrum than the fixed routes given from the timetables.

Our iHelm solution was installed on M/S Cinderella in June of 2022. In the eight months that have passed, we can already see over 10% in savings. Since our iHelm platform is based on AI, it will only improve as it runs and learn the operation more as time goes on, and as a result, more savings are expected.

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