Our intelligent digital solution, iHelm, has been installed on a vessel in Denmark. With the installation, iHelm will support the vessel with its energy consumption and CO2 reduction. The vessel has also been installed with our Virtual Sensor.

Seadog is a modern passenger vessel operating on the northeast coast of Denmark. Seadog is offering many different trips, including one between Frederikshavn and Hirsholmene. The company is constantly working on reducing its fuel consumption.

Seadog is offering adventure travel, including seal safari and fishing trips. There is also the possibility of chartering the boat for a day. The first seadog vessel was built in 1936 and made of wood. It started operating with passengers on the island of Läsö in 2003. In 2008, the vessel was sold and replaced with a modern boat made of fiberglass.

Seadog did not have access to a physical flow meter to measure fuel consumption. They installed our virtual sensor on their vessel to be able to measure the usage of fuel. Our Virtual sensor will measure the fuel consumption with good accuracy when a physical sensor is missing. It will help you become more aware of your operation to become more sustainable and be able to follow future regulations. Seadog has been using the sensor for a couple of months to get insights into the vessel’s energy consumption. Optimizing energy consumption is also made possible with the use of iHelm.

Seadog is working on sustainability, saving resources, and optimizing its energy consumption. With the installation of iHelm and our Virtual Sensor, we can further support them in that work.

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