The iHelm will expand into pilot boats, taxi boats, and CTVs.

Cetasol has received a grant from Energimyndigheten, the Swedish Energy Agency, to expand our business into non-repeatable operations. As a result, the iHelm will expand into pilot boats, taxi boats, CTVs, and other non-repeatable operations.

The project will have a good impact on the sustainable energy system through its impact on marine commercial vessels. When optimizing the way the different vessels are being operated, the emissions of the vessel will be reduced.  The name of the project is ”Affärsmässig utvärdering av icke-repetitiv marin drift ur ett hållbarhetsperspektiv”.

The Swedish Energy Agency is the largest research funder in Sweden when it comes to energy research. They can support companies that want to improve the use of energy or bring out new products and services.

This is a new step for iHelm and a very exciting one. With this project, we can discover how beneficial the iHelm can be for non-repeatable operations. This can also help these operations to optimize their energy consumption.

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