Intelligent Support System for Sustainable Business

Our Solution

The iHelm on-board digital platform is your own personal trainer, towards a more sustainable vessel operation.

Together, we measure current performace and set improvement goals. We monitor progress and take guidance from experts. We re-iterate until you find your optimal stride.

You are the expert on your vessels and your business. We help you achieve your goals, by monitoring and visualizing your progress.

The service

On-Board interface

Real-time visualisation, insights and recommendations for optimizing the journey, balancing safety, time, fuel economy and emissions.

Cloud solution

Real-time business intelligence self-service solution with detailed reporting

By-request consultation

We consult you on oprational improvement, training and customized on-board and cloud solutions.

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Prioritize our focus

As a customer, you have access to our team of developers and can jointly prioritize our dvelopment of the iHelm.

Green Captain Coaching

Our experienced training partners provide guidance and support in your journey towards lower emissions and fuel costs.

Customized solutions

Upon request, we perform data analytics to improve your unique operation. Ask us to develop software and IT solutions for your operation needs.

The platform

Cloud Solution

Fully customizable dashboard
View operational history
Statistics and reports

On-board Sensors and Computer

Computer with edge computing capabilities
Designed for harsh conditions
Complete weather sensor station
Robus communication with powertrain

Real-time Display

Compete overview for captain and crew
HDMI Display included

How it works

  • Our platform optimizes your operation, based on historic data, our AI model input and environmental parameters (wind and current) for minimum energy consumption.

  • Time of arrival and passenger comfort are not compromised.

  • We offer a simplified sensor package that connects to your powertrain​.

  • Our solution works independently, or integrated into partner solutions​.

  • Works for both diesel and electric vessels. We can help you evaluate your potential for moving towards electric powertrains, and help you find a solution for your needs.