Cetasol has an order for installation of iHelm

Cetasol has an order for the installation of iHelm on an entire fleet. Our solution, iHelm, will be installed on the entire fleet of Brim Explorer. Brim is working strongly with sustainability, and we are happy to be able to further support that work.

Brim Explorer is a company that offers silent and sustainable boat tours in the fjords of Norway. The boats are designed with customer experience in mind. The vessels are innovative and designed to be minimally invasive to the environment. Brim Explorer wants to show that it is possible to offer boat tours that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

All the vessels are built with aluminum which is both recycled and recyclable. The material makes the ships lightweight and energy efficient. The vessels are equipped with comfortable lounges, panoramic windows, and several outdoor decks. Guests will be able to enjoy the spectacular views of Norway comfortably and without pollution.

Guests are able to enjoy views without pollution

The engines of the Brim Explorer vessels are hybrid-electric with minimal noise and vibrations, to minimize interference with nature and marine life. While the noise is minimal for the environment, it is also minimal for the guests. The ships are among the most flexible boats in the world and can be recharged at any port. The batteries can have enough capacity to run for 8 hours at a speed of 5 knots. 

Cetasol has received an order for the installation of iHelm on their entire fleet including MS Brim, MS Berg, MS Bard, MS Bre, and MS Bris. This is a big step for us and we are very excited to be a part of the Brim fleet and support them in their work toward sustainability. Brim already has a strong focus on sustainability, and iHelm can help them to further support that focus.

Do you want to move toward a more sustainable operation as well? Contact us to find out how we can help you with your sustainability agenda.

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