Installation of iHelm on Celestina, a vessel part of the Alilauro fleet

Alilauro Volaviamare SpA, a renowned company connecting the mainland and captivating islands for over 80 years, has taken another significant step towards a greener future. We are thrilled to announce the installation of iHelm on one of their passenger vessels, Celestina. This revolutionary initiative aligns with Alilauro’s commitment to efficiency, environmental sustainability, and innovation in the maritime industry.

Uniting Land and Sea Since 1944:

For nearly eight decades, Alilauro has been bridging the gap between land and sea. They are fostering connections and create unforgettable experiences for travelers. With a rich history dating back to 1944, Alilauro’s fleet has facilitated seamless travel experiences. Ensuring the possibility for people to explore the stunning destinations of Ischia, Naples, Sorrento, and beyond. Now, with the addition of iHelm, Alilauro’s fleet is poised to become even more comfortable, innovative, and environmentally friendly.

Pioneering a Greener Future:

Alilauro’s passion for efficiency and environmental sustainability has driven them to propel their fleet towards a greener future. Recognizing the pressing need to minimize emissions and embrace sustainable practices, Alilauro aims to achieve zero-emission navigation. By embracing innovation and adopting eco-friendly technologies like iHelm, they are taking decisive steps towards their sustainability goals. This commitment ensures that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty of the Italian coast and beyond.

Embracing the iHelm System:

The installation of iHelm on Celestina signifies Alilauro’s dedication to incorporating cutting-edge technologies into their fleet. Developed by Cetasol, the iHelm system offers a range of benefits that align perfectly with Alilauro’s vision. With this advanced technology, Alilauro enhances the onboard experience for passengers while minimizing the environmental impact of their operations. The captain of Celestina explains the decision, stating, “We chose Cetasol because I think it is one of the best companies doing this type of thing.”

Comfort, Innovation, and Environmental Responsibility:

Alilauro’s fleet of vessels is synonymous with comfort, innovation, and a reduced environmental footprint. Their commitment to providing a comfortable journey, enriched with modern amenities and services, remains unwavering. At the same time, their focus on innovation allows them to stay at the forefront of the maritime industry, constantly evolving and adapting to meet the needs of their passengers. Crucially, Alilauro’s dedication to environmental responsibility ensures that their vessels have a minimal impact on the fragile ecosystems they traverse.

As the iHelm system makes its debut on the Celestina, Alilauro Volaviamare SpA takes a significant stride towards a greener fleet. The combination of Alilauro’s long-standing legacy, Cetasol’s innovative technology, and a shared vision for sustainability results in a partnership that promises a more environmentally conscious future for the maritime industry. As we sail along the picturesque coast of Italy, we are honored to be a part of Alilauro’s journey and contribute to their mission of achieving zero-emission navigation. Together, we embark on a voyage that connects not only the sea and the land but also the past and the future.

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