Press release 7 July 2022

Energy Optimization for Electric and Hybrid Vessels is as Important as Fossil Fuel Vessels

Cetasol has a goal of extending its intelligent support system, the iHelm, for electric and hybrid vessels. The iHelm is an AI-based platform that can optimize energy consumption to increase battery lifetime, reduce CO2 emission, reduce maintenance needs as well as help with the balance of electric and hybrid modes.

Since the number of electric and hybrid operated vessels is increasing, there is a growing need for the development of an energy optimization solution that specifically considers the requirements of the new drivelines. Cetasol´s system, the iHelm, can help hybrid vessels optimize the combination of using fuel and battery, and can tell you when to use what to maximize battery lifespan and minimize emission. For electric vessels, the system can help optimize the battery lifespan so that the vessel can travel further on each charge.

Cetasol has received a grant from the Swedish Energy Agency that can help them to make this development. With this grant, Cetasol will be able to focus on this project and make this shift in an efficient way.

Partners for this project

They will collaborate closely with the Norweigan battery systems integrator ZEM and Abtery on this project.

“Working together with these two companies will mean that we can benefit from each other’s strengths and experiences. We are looking forward to working with both ZEM and Abtery on this project and benefiting from each other’s knowledge. ”, Ethan Faghani, CEO and Founding Partner of Cetasol says.

ZEM is an experienced marine actor in lithium-ion batteries with over 13 years in the business. Zem has been delivering many electric driveline systems for Viking Queen and Viking Energy for example.

Abtery is an engineering design house developing advanced electric powertrains with focus on high performance and sustainable future. Abtery has experience with several different marine projects, among them is Sarvo Marine.

The purpose of the project

Energy optimization is independent of the driveline. There is always a need for optimizing the energy consumption, whether the vessel is run on electric, hybrid, diesel or any other type of driveline. According to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the CO2 emission is 273g/kWh for diesel driveline, and for electric operations, it is 90g/kWh. This means that even though the driveline is electric there are still CO2 emissions from the vessel. There is always a need for energy reduction to reduce CO2 emissions, independent of the driveline.

The total energy consumption is important for battery lifetime in electric and hybrid vessels. The less energy that is consumed, the battery lifetime will be longer. The battery is a significant cost in electric and hybrid operated vessels, and these operations can therefore benefit from prolonging the lifetime of the battery.

By using an intelligent energy optimization solution, like the iHelm, the use of energy will be reduced. This will lead to a reduction in CO2 generated by the vessel and prolong the battery lifetime. Since many vessels have been converted from diesel to electric or hybrid, it is important to transform the driving habit from diesel driving to that of diesel or electric. The iHelm solution will also guide the operation toward a more soother driving habit for the driveline that they are driving. Cetasol´s system can also evaluate the compatibility of the driving to the choice of driveline.

After the project

The solution will be implemented in two different vessels in two different partner operators in Norway and Denmark. The solution will then be validated into real-life examples from the operators in Norway and Denmark, and together with the other partners in this project as well.

The expectation is energy-saving, realistic estimation of increased battery lifetime, and change of driving habits. In this project, the interface of iHelm will be redesigned based on the requirements of electric and hybrid vessels and then validated. The crew will also be provided with eco-driving training and the data will be measured to see the impact of eco-driving in these vessels.

“Our energy optimization solution work for electric vessels already, but the product designed from this project will be commercially available for electric and hybrid commercial vessels from the beginning of 2023. This will be an improved solution, tailormade for electric and hybrid operations.”

About Cetasol

Cetasol is a Gothenburg-based start-up company that focuses on sustainability within the marine sector. The company offers data-driven software solutions for marine-commercial vessels. Their vision is to make sustainability a simple choice, both in terms of technology and business model. Cetasol´s solution, the iHelm, is an AI-based platform that adds a brain to the existing system in the operation. Cetasol creates intelligent solutions for sustainability. Read more about Cetasol

About ZEM

ZEM has over 13 years of experience with lithium-Ion batteries and brings a knowledge-driven approach to offering battery solutions to the maritime sector. ZEM is proud to have delivered the battery systems for the “Vision of the Fjords” (SMM ship of the Year 2016), as well as all the “Vision” vessels built by Brødrene Aa. Over 50 vessels have been by now equipped by ZEM. ZEM’s most recent line battery solutions are also powering a new generation of smaller ships and ferries, including Norsafe’s E-GES electric life boat and all of Moen Marin’s electric and hybrid fish farming vessels. Read more about ZEM

About Abtery

Abtery is an engineering design house developing electric powertrains and energy storage systems. With a diverse team, determined to challenge the status quo and pushing the limits within electrification technology. Abtery provides services from an idea to built prototypes, with test and validation of the systems and supporting certification processes. One of the marine projects is the development of the powertrain for the day cruiser Sarvo37, with focus on extreme performance. Read more about Abtery

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