Answers to frequently asked questions

Does it work on any type of powertrain?

Yes, iHelm is independent of the powertrain. That means that iHelm is flexible to your brand of powertrain and driveline and will help you optimize the energy consumption regardless of the energy being diesel och battery. The iHelm Platform can also assist in the transition of going from diesel to electric or diesel.

Why should we install iHelm on our vessel?

The iHelm platform can help you to optimize your operation. The platform will help you reduce your energy consumption and reduce emissions.

It is a two-part solution that will work for both the business owner and the captain.

If you are a business owner, iHelm can help you to understand your operation and provide deeper insights into the operation. It can organize data, give you KPIs and show where on the route more fuel was consumed for example. It can also give you reports of your operation. The captain gets access to actionable insights such as directional support and speed control.

What is the price?

There is no steep starting fee and the iHelm solution is subscription based. We make sure to offer affordable solutions that provide a return of investment in a short period of time. Our customers have seen 10-17% of fuel saved in less than eight months. Contact us for more information.

Where are you located?

We are located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The city is right by the ocean and has a strong connection to marine life, which makes it the perfect spot for our company. The location also gives us the advantage of having access to Scandinavian quality, and that is something you can expect from our products.

Who will do the installation?

We have made it so that the installation of the iHelm is quite easy. You will do the installation yourself with plug-and-play and we are of course available to support you if needed. Installation by us can be arranged as well if needed.

We have had iHelm for a while now, and know how to operate the vessel to optimize the operation, why should we keep the iHelm?

The iHelm is based on AI and that means that it will improve over time. The more the iHelm is run, the more data is gathered and the more accurate it will become.

The iHelm will never be outdated.

Even if you as a captain or business owner know the route and when to adjust the speed, the external factors will still vary. Wind and the current can shift and change, and the iHelm takes that into consideration. Factors such as a shift in captain or a change in the cargo will also affect fuel consumption and the optimal way to operate the vessel.

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