Collaboration and
innovation for
a sustainable future.

We are Cetasol, a Swedish tech company focusing on collaborative innovation solutions across technologies. We have a strong focus on sustainability.

What we offer

At Cetasol, we have a firm belief that collaboration is key to innovation and sustainabile solutions. Therefore, we offer a co-creation process for developing minimum viable producs (MVPs) and services with a sustainability focus.

How it works

Our team

In co-creation, forming a multidisciplinary team with a range of roles and perspectives is necessary.

Besides developers, UX designers, business people and hardware experts, this process also puts you, our customer, at the center of our collaboration.

Our process

We work in an incremental, agile and affordable process, to get an initial reaction from your market.

We base our process on design thinking, where development is done in iterations through five stages: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.

Our platform

Our flexible IoT platform, with edge computing capabilities, can help you to get market reaction to your minimum viable product (MVP) or service long before your market release.

Using our platform, you can start gathering targeted data right away!

Our method

Customer Empathy

Interviews, Observations of operations, pain points

Business Evaluation

Is there any business? How will the business model look like?

Minimum Viable Product

Agile prototyping, Testing and Evaluation with end customer