How to use the cloud dashboard

When you enter the cloud dashboard, this is what you see. You then enter the username and password that you have received and hit login.

After logging in, this is what you see. You will get an overview of the fuel used this week and the vessels in the fleet connected to iHelm.

When clicking on real-time view, this is what you see. Here you can follow your vessels in real time on a map. On the toggle, you are also able to see the vessel 24 hours back in time. You can also choose which signal to see.

Under “vessel performance” you can see the performance of different vessels. You can choose different time periods and also different variables to see in the graph.

Cetasol vessel performance feature in iHelm cloud dashboard.

Under reports, you can find ready-made reports, ready for download. They can be downloaded in PDF format or CSV format.

There is also an administration page. Here you can change and add destinations, manage users, operations modes, tag types and voyage trips.

There are many different aspects and features to explore in the cloud dashboard. We recommend you click your way around and get familiar with it on your own. Should you have any questions or run into any problems, feel free to reach out to us at