Enhancing Vessel Safety with Cetasol’s Advanced Motion Measurement Technology

In the ever-evolving maritime industry, ensuring the safety of crew members during vessel transfers is of paramount importance. To address this critical concern we enable precise motion measurement for features like safe crew transfers. Leveraging the power of Motion Reference Units (MRUs) and advanced algorithms, Cetasol empowers vessels with enhanced accuracy and comprehensive data insights.

Accurate Motion Measurement for Enhanced Safety:

We utilize existing sensors within vessels to capture motion data. However, in certain scenarios, there arises a need for additional information or improved accuracy to optimize safety measures. This is where the Motion Reference Unit comes into play. The MRU, a sophisticated sensor system, integrates high-end gyroscopes and accelerometers with an advanced Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). This powerful combination allows for precise measurements of Roll, Pitch, Heave, and Heading when connected to an external GNSS receiver.

The Role of MRUs in Safe Crew Transfer:

We employ MRUs to provide a high level of accuracy, especially in heave measurement, achieving an impressive precision of up to 5cm. This high level of precision significantly contributes to the safety of crew transfers. By precisely measuring the vertical movement (heave) of the vessel, potential risks associated with crew transfer operations can be identified and mitigated effectively. With our MRU-based technology, vessel operators gain access to real-time, reliable data that enables them to make informed decisions and take necessary precautions to ensure safe crew transfers.

Benefits and Applications:

The utilization of MRUs for motion measurement brings forth a multitude of benefits and applications. Firstly, the enhanced accuracy provided by MRUs enables operators to minimize the risks associated with crew transfer, thereby protecting the lives and well-being of crew members. Additionally, by having access to precise motion data, vessel operators can optimize the scheduling of crew transfers, taking into account favorable sea conditions and reducing downtime. The ability to measure Roll, Pitch, Heave, and Heading ensures a comprehensive understanding of the vessel’s motion characteristics, leading to improved operational efficiency and increased overall safety.

Our advanced motion measurement technology, driven by Motion Reference Units and state-of-the-art algorithms, presents a game-changing solution for safe crew transfers. By leveraging existing sensors on vessels and enhancing accuracy through MRUs, Cetasol empowers operators with real-time, reliable data to make informed decisions and prioritize crew safety. The ability to measure motion parameters with exceptional precision enables operators to identify potential risks, optimize scheduling, and enhance operational efficiency. With our MRU-based technology, vessel operators can ensure safer crew transfers and raise the safety standards in the maritime industry as a whole.

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