Cetasol is nominated in the Startup4Climate competition founded by GodEl and Ellevio. The competition is one of Europe´s biggest innovation challenges with a focus on sustainability. The competition highlights the importance of acting toward a more sustainable world and the importance to the limit global warming to 1,5 degrees. GodEl themselves say that we all need to take this crisis seriously and give our full support toward a more sustainable future for all.

In the Cetasol pitch, we highlight that there is a difference between energy production, energy consumption, and the need for energy. This can be compared to food consumption where the energy consumption and the need for energy can differ.

Commercial marine vessels, which include over 1 million workboats, are no exception. They are also very important due to their high degree of utilization. Due to the importance of the vessels, we can not get rid of them, but instead reduce the CO2 emissions let out by the vessels.

According to research, as well as our own experience, 10-35% of energy consumption, hence CO₂, could be saved by increasing efficiency. We achieve this by learning from the history of operation, AI-based solutions, and future projections (no expensive sensor packages needed). With this method, the solution is scalable, flexible, and affordable! The solution is applicable to any type of driveline (diesel, electric or hybrid, etc.) and even in automated operations since the focus is on energy optimization.

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