We are excited to announce a collaboration between Cetasol and Workboats Consulting to fast-forward sustainability in the Estonian maritime sector.

Workboats Consulting, renowned for its commitment to maritime excellence and comprehensive consultancy services, joins forces with Cetasol as a trusted sales agent and installation partner in Estonia.

About Workboats Consulting: Navigating Excellence in Maritime Solutions

Workboats Consulting is committed to excellence in the maritime consultancy landscape. With a profound dedication to managing risks, costs, and investments of workboat users, they bring forth a team of maritime experts equipped with years of industry experience and unparalleled know-how. Their ethos revolves around being trustworthy and professional partners, guiding clients through the intricacies of the maritime sector with adeptness and reliability.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by workboat users, Workboats Consulting offers tailored solutions aimed at reducing costs, enhancing safety measures, and facilitating operational expansion. Their extensive global network, coupled with strategic partnerships, ensures access to cutting-edge insights and industry trends, making them a formidable asset in navigating the complexities of workboat ownership and operation.

“Workboats Consulting is thrilled to join forces with Cetasol to bring cutting-edge solutions to the Estonian maritime sector,” said Luis Stranberg, Project Manager at Workboats Consulting. “With Cetasol’s innovative digital twin technology and expertise in sustainability, we are confident that together we can drive real change and contribute to a more sustainable future for the industry.”

“Cetasol’s focus on sustainability aligns perfectly with our vision at Workboats Consulting,” added Edgar Peganov, CEO of Workboats Consulting. “Their solutions not only optimize operations but also offer alternatives and insights for transitioning to cleaner energy sources. Not to mention the possibility for companies to optimize operational costs and plan the necessary maintenance of machinery in time. I strongly believe that the solutions that Cetasol provides are key tools for shipping companies to achieve targets set in the European Climate Package. This partnership allows us to provide our clients with the tools they need to navigate the changing landscape of maritime decarbonization successfully.”

Cetasol and the collaboration: Moving sustainability forward

At Cetasol, our commitment to sustainability and innovation is steadfast. By partnering with Workboats Consulting, we aim to strengthen our position as pioneers in maritime sustainability, offering holistic solutions that not only minimize emissions but also optimize operational efficiency. Together, we envision a future where maritime excellence and environmental stewardship go hand in hand, driving positive change in the industry.

“We look forward to this collaboration, as we work hand in hand with Workboats Consulting in Estonia to propel the maritime sector towards a brighter, more sustainable future,” said Ethan Faghani, CEO and Founder of Cetasol.

Read the announcement from Workboats Consulting here

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