Cetasol Partners with Maritime Impulse Pty Ltd to support maritime sustainability in Australia

Press release 2023-07-18

Cetasol, a leading provider of innovative solutions for marine fleets, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Maritime Impulse Pty Ltd for the expansion of its sales and business operations in Australia. This collaboration reflects Cetasol’s commitment to global market penetration and the advancement of sustainable practices in the maritime industry.

As a rapidly growing company, Cetasol recognizes the immense potential in meeting the demands of diverse markets. With the development of new and unique functions for marine fleets, the company aims to forge collaborations worldwide, thereby ensuring a stronger presence in local marine markets.
Maritime Impulse has been selected as the official sales agent for Cetasol in Australia due to their unwavering dedication to sustainability and their exceptional track record of supporting marine fleets in adopting environmentally friendly practices. By leveraging the available resources, Maritime Impulse has assisted numerous commercial vessel fleet owners and managers in optimizing their assets while simultaneously striving to become more sustainable businesses in the face of climate change.

Angus McDonald, CEO and Founder of Maritime Impulse Pty Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating,
“Maritime Impulse is committed to helping Australian commercial vessel fleet owners and managers get the most out of their assets whilst becoming more sustainable businesses with regards to climate change. By making sustainability simple, Cetasol makes it clear what steps fleet owners can take to help the climate, and their bottom line.”

Through this collaboration, Cetasol and Maritime Impulse aim to combine their expertise and resources to deliver comprehensive solutions to the Australian marine industry. The partnership will enable local fleet owners and managers to access cutting-edge technologies and strategies that enhance operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and promote long-term sustainability.

About Cetasol

Cetasol is a Swedish company producing intelligent solutions for marine sustainability and fuel efficiency. To advance the sustainability agenda in the maritime industry, Cetasol provides data-driven software and energy optimization solutions. Cetasol follows a vision that sustainability should be a simple choice in both technology and business. Cetasol aims to revolutionize the way marine fleets operate, promoting a greener future for the industry.

Read more: www.cetasol.com

About Maritime Impulse Pty Ltd 

Maritime Impulse is a leading consultancy firm dedicated to supporting marine fleets in adopting sustainable practices. Through a range of services, including fleet optimization, emission reduction strategies, and sustainable business development, Maritime Impulse strives to empower commercial vessel fleet owners and managers in Australia to navigate the challenges of climate change and embrace sustainable growth.

Read more: www.maritimeimpulse.org

For more information please contact: 

Ethan Faghani 

Founder and CEO, Cetasol
Phone: +46 073 920 0379
Email: ethan.faghani@cetasol.com 

Angus McDonald

CEO and Founder, Maritime Impulse
Email: angus@marimp.org

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