Cetasol at Donsö Shipping Meet: Maritime Efficiency with Innovative Solutions

The maritime industry plays a crucial role in global trade, and Sweden has been at the forefront of shaping its future. Cetasol will be attending Donsö Shipping Meet this August. This annual exhibition, dedicated to elevating Swedish shipping in the international arena, provided an ideal platform for Cetasol to connect with industry stakeholders, discuss pressing needs, and demonstrate how their products are transforming the shipping landscape.

Donsö Shipping Meet’s vision is not only to facilitate networking but also to foster a shared understanding of the maritime industry’s needs.

CetaFuel: Transforming Fuel Consumption Management

Fuel consumption is a significant concern for shipping companies, with physical sensors being expensive and complex to install. Cetasol’s CetaFuel presenting a virtual sensor that replaced the need for physical sensors entirely. This groundbreaking technology allowed vessels to accurately monitor fuel consumption, optimizing efficiency and reducing operational costs. With CetaFuel, maritime operators gained valuable insights without the hassles of traditional sensors.

iHelm: Empowering Vessel Owners and Captains

Energy consumption optimization is a pressing issue in the maritime sector, and Cetasol addressed it with their innovative solution, iHelm. This two-part system catered to both captains and business owners, offering actionable insights and data-driven eco-driving techniques. As AI-powered technology, iHelm evolved with each vessel it interacted with, making it a personalized and dynamic solution. Captains could operate vessels more efficiently, while business owners had access to cloud-based insights and reports, enhancing overall operational performance.

Learn more about iHelm and CetaFuel here

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