How to use the captain display

Welcome to iHelm captain display. This is what you see when you start iHelm and here you can log in, you can also continue without logging in. Choose the captain and then enter your pin code.

This is what the dashboard looks like. You can see several different insights, presented in a graspable way. You can see fuel usage over different variables, CO2 emissions, speed now, fuel used, and optimal speed as well as a map.

You can easily change the destination. Simply click on the destination and then choose a destination in the scroll-down bar. The destinations can be added and changed in the cloud dashboard.

There are several different settings that you can do, to make sure you get the most out of iHelm. You can choose which gauges you want to see, brightness and more. You can also choose if you want to see the map, or not.

You can also choose the operation mode. Click on operation mode and you will get a scroll-down menu of the different modes available in your operation. Choose the operation mode that you want. When you want to change or end operation mode, you click on operation mode again and then “cancel operation mode”.

There are three different graphs you can choose from. You can have the one that provides the most value for you.

You can also choose the time interval, when you want to arrive at the destination. To do this, you click on the time and arrows will appear where you can choose your desired time.

When you arrive at a destination you will see “at destination” at the top of the map. You can then also click on “summary” to get a summary of the trip.

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