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The iHelm analytical platform helps you optimize your operation and minimize your climate footprint.

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Your challenge

With an ever-mounting climate challenge and with the whole world as one global integrated market, being in control of your energy consumption and CO2 emissions is a crucial area for future-proofing your operation.

We know you face many challenges every day in the marine sector, that can be obstacles on your course towards a more sustainable, economic and energy optimized operation.

There can be large fluctuations in fuel and energy consumption, and we here at Cetasol can help you with that

Large fluctuations

Fuel and energy consumption can fluctuate greatly, even between comparable trips.

Cetasol and our product the iHelm can help you get insights into all the data that you collect when operating the vessel

Droves of data without insights

Having large amounts of data, but no way of organizing or interpreting them, makes it hard to optimize your day-to-day operation.

Cetasol provide insights to both the captain and the landbased personel

Culture and training

Your crew can lack the alignment or shared idea of the optimal way to operate your vessels.

The iHelm platform

iHelm is a digital analytical platform for energy optimisation for small and medium-sized vessels.

It consists of a sensor kit that is installed on board and gives the captain relevant visual information, and actionable insights for optimal operation, in real time.

Land-based staff gets access to an analytical cloud platform with statistics, reports and relevant insights, to be able to make key decisions and optimal operations over time, with features like predictive maintenance and direct connection to your choice of shipyard.

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What sets the iHelm apart from others?

It is easy to get started with the iHelm, basically plugin and play

Get started easily

Energy and operations optimization, predictive maintenance with direct connection to your shipyard – everything in one hassle-free subscription. No steep starting fee, you get automatic updates, you cancel whenever you want. Easy to start, easy to use.

The iHelm will provide actionable insights that will help you save energy and fuel

See relevant insights

iHelm is a complete analytical platform what continuously collects and presents relevant insights. Challenges are identified and the crew on board get instant feedback. An optimization solution with direct results, for both diesel, hybrid and electrical engines.

Cetasol will provide a custom made solution with the iHelm

Receive a custom made solution

We adjust our solutions to the needs of your operation. You get access to our team of developers and we are keen to learn about your needs and wishes. By request we can also perform more in-depth data analysis of your particular operation.

What our customers say

”We love our I-Helm! It helped us to save fuel on average 17% and we continue to reduce more.

The negative environmental impacts have decreased at the same rate, and we understand our operational strength and improvement points much better now. As a consequence comfort onboard is now much better for the passengers as the crew manoeuvres softer”.​

Camilla Rydenskog; Owner and Operational Manager​

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How it works


Receive and install sensor package

You receive a simplified sensor package that’s easy to install on your vessel.
Should you need any support, just contact us and we will help you out.


Onboard display supports captain’s decision making

The on-board display gives the captain visual at-a-glance information about the current fuel or power usage, and other vital data. Our on-board platform supports the decision making of your captains and crew in real time.


Cloud analytical platform with insights and reporting

Once the system is installed it will be connected to a cloud and that will enable automatic maintenance and updates. The connection to the cloud will ensure a hassle-free and seamless subscription.


Long-term training, certification and follow-up

To make sure your sustainability efforts are maintained over time, Cetasol offers custom-made trainings, certification and follow-up, tailored to your needs and circumstances.


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